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Need a handsome, beautiful, smart travel companion, a friendly dinner date, event escort, boyfriend for the day, girlfried for the evening, social situation escort, or a discrete NSA companion?  Coastal Elite companions specialize in having the most attractive, handsome, extremely interesting, witty, confident male and female escorts in the business.

Our team of dedicated relationship connection experts has carefully selected the most interesting men and womein in the world and placed them all at your fingertips.  Coastal Elite understands that you require discretion, satisfaction, high standards, AND certainly out of this world great looks, that why in addition to ensuring that your guy or gal is the most handsome or beautiful person alive, we go out of our way to provide you the safest personal interaction in the industry.


In order to ensure that your guy or gal is safe and respectful at all times we:


Require a full employment application form from each applicant

Conduct the most in-depth criminal background checks in the industry at the local, state, and Federal level

We have relationship contract managers on staff all of whom are former U.S. Law Enforcement Officers *ask about this!

Each Coastal Elite escort is personally interviewed by the company CEO and in house Chief Security Officer

Past employment checks are mandatory then vigorously vetted by private investigators

With the highest standards in the industry, if an applicant fails one background level, they are not hired

Providing you an unforgettable experience is what Coastal Elite is all about!  Your satisfaction is all we care about, and we strive to ensure that your experience with our escorts will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  We know its very frustrating to find that one of a kind encounter these days and we understand that you have choices in whom you choose to spend time with, so here at Coastal Elite we go above and beyond the mere physical aspects of your chosen experience and provide you with someone who truly wants to spend time with you, entertain you, treat you like the very special person that you are and be the ultimate fantasy connection you so richly deserve.

We strive to meet your:



and Companionship needs

We want you to feel absolutely relaxed, at ease, and most importantly comfortable in whatever environment you choose to share with your escort. In addition to being some of the most handsome men and women on the planet, our escorts are certain to be smart, talented, and interesting beyond all measure. 


Trust us, you wont be disappointed.


Coastal Elite escorts DO NOT SELL SEX!   If your escort attempt to elicit "sex for sale" contact us immediately. 

However, Coastal Elite recognizes that as a matter of private adult interactions and attractions that two consenting adults can and do engage in consenting adult activities that are outside of our control.  And with that in mind, Coastal Elite escorts are proud to offer our services to any woman or man with a discriminating taste, who seeks the absolute best in elite NSA escort adventures.


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We cant wait to make your dreams come true!